Cost: $290,000
Duration: 2 months

Project Description:

How do you replace 2.6tonnes of ageing rooftop package units sitting amongst the clouds 48 levels above Melbourne CDB’s skyline? Piece by piece!

The apartments of QV1, situated off Russell St in the heart of the Melbourne’s CBD engaged Air Control’s Projects team to undertake this uniquely different task of replacing the building’s rooftop air conditioning systems which service the properties common areas.

With limited options for a mobile crane at 48 storeys and logistical constraints using a helicopter Air Control decided to take the old fashioned approach and strip down the old (and new) AC units piece by piece from the building rooftop using our only option being the general passenger lifts.

Together with consultants Meinhardt & QV1 management, Air Control cut an opening to the Level 48 lift motor room, constructed a new steel Gantry crane and hoisting platform which then enabled our team to transport each section of the new APAC air conditioning units outside onto the roof platform.

With the help of our clever Service technicians, we carefully re-built each piece of the brand new 100kw PAC units back to their factory condition & commissioned for new use.

Installation Timelapse Video