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Automation & Controls

Take full advantage of operational efficiencies.

Our Automation and Controls team have years of experience delivering sustainable, energy efficient and value packed controls projects across all types of air conditioning, heating and ventilation plants and systems.

No matter how small or large the project, Air Control will deliver an outstanding controls solution to make sure you maximise the returns from your equipment and take full advantage of operational efficiencies.

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Johnson Controls Authorised Building Control Specialists

Air Control are Authorised Building Control Specialists (ABCS) with Johnson Controls Facility Explorer controls products.

Facility Explorer by Johnson Controls is a tridium based building automation system that gives you more ways to apply advanced control technology to fit the way you work today.

Let Air Control and Facility Explorer provide a fresh view of your building operations, no matter where you are.

Innotech Control And Automation System Integrators

Air Control are Innotech Control and Automation system integrators. A truly open system, Innotech controls and automation products are robust, reliable and offer no technology lock-in’s.

Innotech’s high performance Direct Digital Controllers are rugged, built to last and designed to enable precise control in even the harshest of environments.

Air Control have delivered countless Innotech automation projects across many different commercial businesses including hotels, hospitals, office high-rise, retail chains and high end residential properties.

EasyIO Building Automation Systems

Air Control have partnered up with EasyIO to deliver yet another Building Automation System option for our valued clients and their properties- Installation, Upgrade or Programmed Maintenance.
EasyIO controllers give Air Control endless possibility to engineer the Building Automation System to suit our clients needs: reliable, flexible, easy to install, manage and maintain.
Please contact Air Control today to discuss your property, equipment and options.

“By integrating a smart and intelligent controls package you will unlock the advantage of energy efficiency as well as reducing the wear and tear on your equipment.”

Features & Benefits

Improve Energy Efficiency

There are different ways that Air Control can help to save you money. By integrating a smart and intelligent controls package you will unlock the advantage of energy efficiency as well as reducing the wear and tear on your equipment.

Energy Monitoring

Monitor your energy usage and highlight hot spots. We use sophisticated data logging software to capture and report on your energy usage and then use this information to provide customised reports and even billing information based on your current tariffs and charges.

Alarm Notifications

Setup alarm packages to suit your operation. Critical alarms are usually detrimental to your business, so you need notification 24/7. Air Control offer a comprehensive alarm suite with our controls packages and provide email, sms and phone alerts when things go wrong. We can also dispatch technicians to attend when necessary.

Monitor & Control Multiple Locations

Do you have more than one site in more than one location? Talk to us about setting up a monitoring and control solution to give you the flexibility of handling multiple sites from the convenience of your office or anywhere in the world.

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